Monday, June 20, 2011

Lex Cosmetics

I stumbled across this website after I was reading on another blog about this new company call Lex. It is a unique company that allows the customers to invent their own nail polish Here's how it works: you tell a story about why that color is so special or significant to you, and submit your story to the company. If your color is chosen by popular vote then it is made into a polish named whatever you want! It has another twist too, a dollar out of every bottle of your color sold is donated to your favorite charity; what a remarkable idea, letting the customers choose what colors they want made. I love it! Go check out and support this wonderful new company and perhaps your story will be told too!
xoxo LBB

Friday, June 10, 2011

All Time Fav Lip Glosses

lip gloss love

I am not ashamed to admit that I own an obscene amount of lip gloss. I forget I have many of them simply because they get shuffled to the bottom of my gloss bowl; oh yes, I have a bowl full of them! Some however, just don't make it in my book but a few are repurchased over and over. Please remember that I like a slightly tacky, sticky gloss so the ones I love are that consistency whereas the ones I hate have no sticky at all or they are drying. Here are a few loves and hates in my glossy world:
Love, Love, Love
XXX shine lip gloss by Urban Decay in Joyride and Naked (discontinued)
Lip Enhancing Gloss by Smashbox in Afterglow
Creamsheen Gloss by MAC in many different colors
Juicy Tubes by Lancome in many different colors
Burt's Bees Honeysuckle Tinted Lip Balm
Soft Lips

Not so much love
No. 7 Lip Gloss
Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss
EOS (because it's in an awkward package)
Bonne Bell LipSmacker in Pink Guava

have no idea what a Beblesh Balm is but I do know that this import from Korea is a wonderful triple pow-wow! I just call it Super BB Cream by Skin79 and it is an illuminator, sunscreen and moisturizer in one little bottle. For the summer it is perfect under your tinted moisturizer and it has an SPF rating of 25. I had mine shipped from Amazon for $14.08 from the distributor PinkGelee and I must give them a wonderful review because I had no difficulty with the order and no shipping charge. You get 40 grams or (40 ml) of product which should last quite awhile considering the average foundation is in a 40 ml bottle. I could cover my whole face with one pump; two if I want to do my neck as well and I do love the fact it has a pump because I won't waste any. It has a pleasant scent too but it doesn't irritate my sensitive, dry skin. If you want to take the time to order it online like I did then you will not be disappointed with this great 3-in-1.
xoxo LBB

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MAC Attack!

I love MAC products  and think that most anything you buy from this line you can't go wrong with; so here are a few items I think a girl just can't live without.

1. eye brow pencil in lingering this color is bizarre because it could work on so many different eyebrow shades

2. eye shadows in Brule, Rule, Sketch, Deep Truth, Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Carbon, Shroom, Naked Lunch and Honey Lust all of which would look great on a variety of skin tones. Just remember that these are so well pigmented that a little goes a long way so you get alot for your money and they last forever.

3. blush in peachtwist, sincere and buff ; gorgeous shades versatile for most looks

4. mineralize eyeshadow in mix & switch and this & that

5. paint pots in rubenesque, bare study, soft ochre and/or painterly depending on skin tone and these are wonderful primers for your eyeshadows

6. creamsheen lipglass in whatever color floats your boat although fashion whim and richer, lusher are great neutrals

7. eye khols in fascinating, teddy and feline (although feline is limited edition but comes out in alot of collections so grab two or three when you see it!)

8. brushes for your eyes are the 222, 217, 219, 208, 210 or 209

9. fluidline in dipdown and blacktrack are wonderful gel eyeliners

10. brushes for your face are the 188, 187, 168, 138 and the 129

11. studio sculpt undereye concealer in whatever shade is yours

These are just a few things I think most people could use everyday and although I have not tried every MAC product out there (honestly who could?) I recommend trying all of the above. I didn't list a mascara because honestly I think since you have to replace those every three months anyway a good drugstore brand is a-OK!
xoxo LBB

All Time Fav Nail Polish

Ooh La La! This is Cajun Shrimp by OPI and is available as a polish or in the Axxium Gel Soak Off Polish. It has quickly become a classic color and I own two bottles of it, which goes to show you how drawn to this color I am. It is one of those go to colors that looks great on all skin tones and can transition from summer into autumn easily. It is gorgeous on the toes and fingers giving that burst of color that makes people take notice. Love, Love, Love it! It sells at Ulta for approximately $9.00 a bottle although that can vary.  xoxo LBB

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If I had a Million Lashes...

I have tried many mascaras over the years ranging from high-end to lowest you can go and I think these two are my favorites (well, at least for now lol). Both have the same type of flexible brush which moves with your lashes to create volume, and WOW does it work. I love the formula of both of these mascaras and really do not see a difference between the two; I guess it depends on your preference and store inventory. Maybelline One by One sells for $6.49 at Target and Loreal Volume Million Lashes sells for $7.99 at Target stores. These both are re-purchases for me which is unusual considering I'm always wanting to try something different. xoxo LBB

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I decided to do a different kind of review for this blog so instead of a beauty product this is about an Italian restaurant that just opened where I live. First of all the food was wonderful. My best friend and I had dinner there on Monday night and left very satisfied. We started with two drinks the Peach Nectar Bellini which was one of the best drinks I have ever had ( we had a great bartender I think). Our waitress brought us fresh hot bread right out of the oven which was crispy on the outside and warm and squishy inside topped with butter it was mouthwatering. Next we had the ravioli appetizer with marinara sauce that was not over spiced but had that perfect blend of tomato and spices. Next we had a salad and I had the strawberry vinaigrette dressing which was the perfect blend of crunchy and sweet to start off a meal. Next I had the chicken pomodoro and although I wish the tomato's that topped it had been chilled because I love the contrast of hot and cold on that type of pasta dish all in all it was very tasty and filling; I could only eat about half the bowl. As if that was not enough the waitress brought us some of the most delicious tiramisu I have ever tasted. I needed a moment...but seriously this was a wonderful meal full of different flavors and textures to satisfy my appetite for Italian food. As if that was not the best part the whole dinner was $30.00 total, yep you read that right! We both got a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), an appetizer, a salad, a pasta dish and dessert for only $30.00, WOW. Now for the down part, the atmosphere is cookie cutter and we were placed at a table right in the entry way. The place had nary a booth which I prefer over a table because it's cozier. It reminded me of Carino's and the loudness of the kitchen and the whole room was annoying. However, this will not stop me from going back at all and to top it all off we got our meal for free. The manager was so kind and thought we had waited too long for the new waitress to figure out our bill since we split the cost. Talk about a memorable evening! But then again my friend Susan and I always have fun at dinner. I recommend trying this place guys hope you enjoy!!!
xoxo LBB